Monday, December 1, 2008

Gas Station Robbery Suspect Captured in Unrelated Traffic Stop

Taraval Station Update - Captain Paul Chignell
11/29/08, 5:50 AM - A man walked up to the service counter of the Shell Gas Station at 19th and Taraval with a white plastic bag over his head. The man produced a gun from his waistband and demanded money. The employee complied and got down on the ground as ordered by the gunman. The suspect fled the premises but the employee followed him and saw that he got into a black car heading south on 19th Avenue. Officers Allan Wong and Adrian Payne stopped a black car for violating a stop sign rule at 20th and Vicente seconds later but before the robbery broadcast came over the police radio. As they were about to cite the driver for the stop sign violation, they heard the broadcast and took the suspect out of the vehicle at gunpoint. In the vehicle was the plastic bag, money from the station and a gun. The victim positively identified the suspect as the robber. The suspect was arrested for burglary, robbery, false imprisonment and, of course, a stop sign violation.