Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to Our Public Safety Blog

As Mayor Gavin Newsom's Criminal Justice Director and Deputy Chief of Staff, I'd like to welcome you to our new Public Safety Blog.

Starting off, we'll use this blog as a platform to deliver updates from the San Francisco Police Department's 10 district station Captains. In this manner, we'll keep you directly informed on those public safety matters impacting our city.

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SFPD Respond Quickly to Robbery of Elderly Woman, Suspect Captured

Taraval Police Station Update - Captain Paul C. Chignell
09/26/09, 10:23 am - An elderly woman went to an ATM machine on West Portal, withdrew money and then went into the bank to exchange the bills for smaller denominations. She then exited the bank and started to walk to her car in the bank parking lot with her wallet in her hand. Suddenly a suspect appeared and grabbed the wallet from her hand and took off running down the street. The victim screamed for assistance and a witness saw the man running, and stated to the suspect, "what is going on?" The suspect said "some woman is screaming down there" and then took off running again. Officers Donati, Chang, Shinbori, Meyer and Owens responded to the area to try to find the suspect. They broadcast a specific description of the suspect's features and clothing. Officer J. Callaghan of the San Francisco State University Police Department spotted a suspect on a Municipal Railway light rail vehicle at Ocean and Victoria who matched the description of the suspect. When the suspect saw the officer, he crouched down in his seat. The driver of the light rail vehicle told the officer that a number of people on the vehicle pointed to the suspect as the thief. The suspect exited the vehicle and was told to stop by Officer Callaghan but the suspect continued to flee. Officer Callaghan was struggling with the suspect adjacent to a metal fence when he was joined by Officers Owens and Shinbori who assisted him in taking the suspect into custody. The officers located the victim's property a few feet from the suspect. The victim was summoned to the scene and positively identified the suspect as the perpetrator. The suspect, who has a lengthy criminal record, was arrested for grand theft, elder abuse, resisting arrest and a probation violation. We commend the officers for their quick response and heroic efforts.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CBS 5: San Francisco Crime Rate Drops 12%

The crime rate in San Francisco has dropped 12 percent so far this year, according to new statistics released Monday by the police department.

Police Captain Albert Pardini reeled off the new stats to the Supervisors' Committee Monday: rape down 9 percent, robbery 23 percent, homicide 57 percent, motor vehicle theft 17 percent, arson 7 percent -- with a total overall reduction of 12 percent. He credited zone policing and the success of the police department in arresting suspects in a number of serial burglaries around the city.

Whatever the reason, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi who represents residents in the high crime area of the Western Addition was ready to tip his hat.

"It's good to be at this place where we're seeing such progress on many levels in the City and County," Mirkirimi said. "I think the police department is doing a solid job."

The big story continues to be the major reduction in homicides in San Francisco. There were 20 murders as of June 6, 2009 -- compared to 47 during the same period last year.
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Officers Arrest Armed Parolee, Net Illegal Firearm

Tenderloin Station Update - Captain Gary Jimenez
A Tenderloin Station plain-clothes unit, consisting of Sergeant Obrochta and officers Moylan, Montero, Lew and Conway, were on car patrol in the area of Ellis and Jones streets, an area saturated with violent criminals, narcotics and weapons. The Officers observed a group of suspicious persons along Ellis Street. They recognized one of the subjects as an active parolee known for violence and narcotics convictions. As they reversed their vehicle in order to contact the parolee, another subject ran eastbound on Ellis, clutching at his waistband. Recognizing these actions as being consistent with concealing a weapon, the Officers displayed their badges and ordered the suspect to stop. He didn’t. During the pursuit, the Officers saw the subject discard a fully loaded assault pistol on Eddy Street. The suspect was soon arrested, and the firearm was recovered. These dedicated Officers should be commended for hard work that removed an armed felon from our streets.

Undercover Ops Net Stolen Goods, Perpetrators

Tenderloin Station Update - Captain Gary Jimenez
Recently, Sergeant Liu and Officers Muselman, Moylan, Johnson and Dudley, under the direction of Lieutenant Militello, worked an undercover operation for the recovery of stolen property. The team conducted its surveillance in the area of UN Plaza and the corner of Jones and McAllister two areas known as open markets for the sale and purchase of stolen goods. On four occasions during the operation, the team observed the attempted sale of goods. The items included electronics equipment iPods, a GPS system, a car stereo and cigarettes that lacked the proper government seals. After recovering the goods, the team was able to reach the owner of one of the iPods. The owner thought the iPod was still in the glove box of her car. Upon checking, she informed officers that not only was the iPod gone, but the car’s stereo had been stolen, as well. In another instance, a recovered GPS unit led Officers to the victim’s car in the Bayview area, where the device had been stolen just two hours earlier. Because of the team’s fine undercover work and subsequent interrogation, three suspects were booked.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dog Doo Afternoon

Tenderloin Station Update - Captain Gary Jimenez
5/28/09, 2 PM - Officer Jones responded to a call on Jones St., regarding a battery. A dog person was asked by a concerned citizen to clean up after his dog did a big poop deposit. The unknown errant pet lover walked away with his dog without complying with local 'pooper scooper' laws. The environmentalist quickly walked in front of the departing dog and dog owner to insist they not leave without first cleaning up his dog’s mess. The dog owner pushed our concerned citizen to the ground and the dog duo then fled southbound on Jones St. to Golden Gate Ave. This suspect is described as being a white male, 30-35 years old, 6 feet tall and 170 pounds. He was last seen wearing a brown jacket and sports a 'punk' hairstyle.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shots ‘Spotted,’ Arrests Made, Guns Seized

On May 30, at 2:02 AM, the ShotSpotter system detected four gunfire incidents in the Bayview, identifying the distinct location of each. The shots were fired in close succession and proximity. Officers from Bayview Station were immediately dispatched to the area. Upon arrival, they spotted a vehicle driving away from the scene, erratically and at a high rate of speed.

The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. After securing the subjects, the officers looked inside the vehicle, where two firearms were in plain view. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a third firearm. All four subjects were arrested and booked on felony firearms violations. One of the guns was reported stolen three weeks before.

This is an excellent example of how technology can inform and augment policing. Indeed, it is one clear example of how ShotSpotter is an effective tool in solving and preventing crime. These unlawful discharges would not have been detected or reported if ShotSpotter were not in place, as there were no citizen reports of this incident. Because of this, four arrests were made and three guns were seized – guns that are no longer in circulation and cannot be used in further criminal acts.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Formula for Falling Homicides

The Chron ran an article over the weekend highlighting the 58% fall in the homicide rate.
"Five months into 2009, the city has recorded 17 homicides compared to 45 at this time last year and 40 at this time in 2007.

There have been nine black male murder victims this year, compared to 23 at this time in 2008 and 16 in 2007. And there have been no murders attributable to black-on-black gang violence this year, which was long pegged as one of the prime drivers in the city's spiking murder rate.

Crime analysts say crime rates usually climb during economic recessions, making this year's homicide drop even more unlikely. Kevin Ryan, the director of the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice, credited the new "zone strategy," in which police officers flood the most crime-ridden neighborhoods.

He said a renewed focus on high-risk people on probation and violent gangs is also working. He also praised the District Attorney's office for tougher charging on gang and gun crimes and the Department of Justice for getting involved in the gang cases.

"We have come up with a formula that has stemmed the tide for now, but we must watch the trends and be prepared for new strategies as the situation requires," he said."