Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shots ‘Spotted,’ Arrests Made, Guns Seized

On May 30, at 2:02 AM, the ShotSpotter system detected four gunfire incidents in the Bayview, identifying the distinct location of each. The shots were fired in close succession and proximity. Officers from Bayview Station were immediately dispatched to the area. Upon arrival, they spotted a vehicle driving away from the scene, erratically and at a high rate of speed.

The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. After securing the subjects, the officers looked inside the vehicle, where two firearms were in plain view. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a third firearm. All four subjects were arrested and booked on felony firearms violations. One of the guns was reported stolen three weeks before.

This is an excellent example of how technology can inform and augment policing. Indeed, it is one clear example of how ShotSpotter is an effective tool in solving and preventing crime. These unlawful discharges would not have been detected or reported if ShotSpotter were not in place, as there were no citizen reports of this incident. Because of this, four arrests were made and three guns were seized – guns that are no longer in circulation and cannot be used in further criminal acts.