Thursday, October 1, 2009

SFPD Respond Quickly to Robbery of Elderly Woman, Suspect Captured

Taraval Police Station Update - Captain Paul C. Chignell
09/26/09, 10:23 am - An elderly woman went to an ATM machine on West Portal, withdrew money and then went into the bank to exchange the bills for smaller denominations. She then exited the bank and started to walk to her car in the bank parking lot with her wallet in her hand. Suddenly a suspect appeared and grabbed the wallet from her hand and took off running down the street. The victim screamed for assistance and a witness saw the man running, and stated to the suspect, "what is going on?" The suspect said "some woman is screaming down there" and then took off running again. Officers Donati, Chang, Shinbori, Meyer and Owens responded to the area to try to find the suspect. They broadcast a specific description of the suspect's features and clothing. Officer J. Callaghan of the San Francisco State University Police Department spotted a suspect on a Municipal Railway light rail vehicle at Ocean and Victoria who matched the description of the suspect. When the suspect saw the officer, he crouched down in his seat. The driver of the light rail vehicle told the officer that a number of people on the vehicle pointed to the suspect as the thief. The suspect exited the vehicle and was told to stop by Officer Callaghan but the suspect continued to flee. Officer Callaghan was struggling with the suspect adjacent to a metal fence when he was joined by Officers Owens and Shinbori who assisted him in taking the suspect into custody. The officers located the victim's property a few feet from the suspect. The victim was summoned to the scene and positively identified the suspect as the perpetrator. The suspect, who has a lengthy criminal record, was arrested for grand theft, elder abuse, resisting arrest and a probation violation. We commend the officers for their quick response and heroic efforts.