Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Undercover Ops Net Stolen Goods, Perpetrators

Tenderloin Station Update - Captain Gary Jimenez
Recently, Sergeant Liu and Officers Muselman, Moylan, Johnson and Dudley, under the direction of Lieutenant Militello, worked an undercover operation for the recovery of stolen property. The team conducted its surveillance in the area of UN Plaza and the corner of Jones and McAllister two areas known as open markets for the sale and purchase of stolen goods. On four occasions during the operation, the team observed the attempted sale of goods. The items included electronics equipment iPods, a GPS system, a car stereo and cigarettes that lacked the proper government seals. After recovering the goods, the team was able to reach the owner of one of the iPods. The owner thought the iPod was still in the glove box of her car. Upon checking, she informed officers that not only was the iPod gone, but the car’s stereo had been stolen, as well. In another instance, a recovered GPS unit led Officers to the victim’s car in the Bayview area, where the device had been stolen just two hours earlier. Because of the team’s fine undercover work and subsequent interrogation, three suspects were booked.