Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Officers Arrest Armed Parolee, Net Illegal Firearm

Tenderloin Station Update - Captain Gary Jimenez
A Tenderloin Station plain-clothes unit, consisting of Sergeant Obrochta and officers Moylan, Montero, Lew and Conway, were on car patrol in the area of Ellis and Jones streets, an area saturated with violent criminals, narcotics and weapons. The Officers observed a group of suspicious persons along Ellis Street. They recognized one of the subjects as an active parolee known for violence and narcotics convictions. As they reversed their vehicle in order to contact the parolee, another subject ran eastbound on Ellis, clutching at his waistband. Recognizing these actions as being consistent with concealing a weapon, the Officers displayed their badges and ordered the suspect to stop. He didn’t. During the pursuit, the Officers saw the subject discard a fully loaded assault pistol on Eddy Street. The suspect was soon arrested, and the firearm was recovered. These dedicated Officers should be commended for hard work that removed an armed felon from our streets.