Friday, January 30, 2009

Armed Robbery of Gas Station

Bayview Station Update - Captain John Loftus
1/27/09, 6:17 PM - Officers McArthur and Borgen responded to a call for service involving an armed robbery at a local gas station. The victim, an employee, stated that there were two suspects, and that they had forced him into the garage, threatening to shoot him, prior to emptying the register and fleeing the scene. The victim provided a detailed description of the suspects, which was broadcast to those officers saturating the area. Sergeant Hagan and Officers Lyons, Kirchner and Coleman, all members of Bayview Station’s Cease-Fire Team, located the suspects, who matched the employee's description, and who were subsequently identified by the employee as the perpetrators. Further investigation determined that the two had been arrested previously for possession of a firearm, stemming from a 2008 incident.