Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sex Offender Awareness

The following two arrests illustrate a very real concern – not only here in San Francisco, but across California. There are, according to the Police Department, some 1,143 registered sex offenders within the City and County of San Francisco. Many of these individuals, having completed their sentences, are not under the supervision of either the California Department of Corrections or the Adult Probation Department. According to the Department of Corrections, there are more than 63,000 persons required to be registered as sex offenders in California. If you would like more information on this topic, please see the Department of Justice's Megan’s Law homepage and/or all relevant sections of California Penal Code Section 290, otherwise known as the Sex Offender Registration Act.

To be clear, Megan’s Law is not intended to punish the offender and specifically prohibits using the information to harass or commit any crime against an offender.

Northern Station Station - Captain Croce Casciato
2/02/09, 1:30 PM - Officers Lee and Cheung were dispatched to Lombard and Van Ness, to check on the welfare of an individual who had apparently passed out. The officers located and contacted the subject, who they determined to be under the influence of alcohol. When the officers ran a computer check on the subject, they discovered that he had failed to register as a sex offender. The subject was arrested.

2/02/09, 7:45 PM - Officers from Northern Station’s Street Crimes Unit, in the area of Hayes Valley North, heard a subject arguing with a woman. They subsequently observed the woman attempt to shut a door. The officers detained the subject, who appeared to be intoxicated, and whose clothing smelled like marijuana. The subject told the officers he had marijuana in his pocket and during a subsequent search, the officers located the marijuana, as well as suspected cocaine. After being arrested, the subject was transported to the station, where the officers used a mug shot machine to positively identify him (he had given a false name). The officers discovered that the man had a “No Bail" warrant for his arrest. They also discovered that he was on active Federal probation and had failed to update his status and location as a sex registrant.