Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taraval Station Once Again the Cat's Meow

Taraval Station Update - Captain Paul Chignell
5/22/09, 4:30 PM – A man who lives on the 4000 block of Noriega flagged down Officer Patrice Scanlan. He told the officer that he had lost a cat named "Fluffy" about a month ago and that he could hear meowing coming from an abandoned house on 47th Ave. The officer stopped and found that the house was abandoned, as an elderly person who lived in the house had recently passed away. She checked the house and found all the doors and windows locked. Officer Scanlan searched the house and found Fluffy hiding under an oven, in an upstairs kitchen. Fluffy was reunited with his owner. Taraval officers are here to serve in many ways.