Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SFPD Meeting Aggressive Gun Seizure Goals

We should commend the hardworking members of the SFPD, who seized 13% more illegal firearms in 2008 (1228) than in 2007 (1097).

In June 2008, Mayor Newsom and Chief Fong set a goal of increasing illegal firearms seizures by 25% for the following year. Between June and December 2008, the men and women of the SFPD increased seizures by a remarkable 21% – 780 in 2008, compared to 646 in 2007.

Taking guns out of the hands of criminals is one of the most dangerous endeavors facing our officers. We should all recognize their courage and diligence and thank them for a job well done.

City-wide Gun Seizures

Period20072008% Chg
Jun 1 – Dec 31646780+21%
Jan 1 – Dec 3110971228+13%