Friday, January 23, 2009

Significant Decreases in Non-Fatal Shootings

A couple of days ago, I blogged on a 21% increase in gun seizures. Following up on this, and in advance of Monday’s BOS Public Safety Committee Hearing, I’d like to share another series of positive statistics.

City-wide, comparing 2008 and 2007, non-fatal shootings fell an impressive 36%. Mirroring and driving this, within the five geographically-defined Violence Reduction Zones, non-fatal shootings fell 33% (broken down by Zone below).

These reductions can be traced, in large part, to a determined focus on those discrete geographic areas in which statistical analyses – and practical experience – inform us that a disproportionate amount of crime occurs. By focusing resources and relying on smart and responsive deployment strategies, the Police Department has been able to maintain downward pressure on non-fatal shootings – not only within the Zones but across the City.

While some areas are still presenting a challenge, these are positive trends. They are the clear and quantifiable product of the dedication and responsiveness of the men and women of the SFPD. We should commend them for their efforts. It’s also important to note that while the Police Department played a large part in this, other stakeholders – community-based organizations, business owners, civic organizations – were as well key and deserve recognition.

Decreases in Non-Fatal Shootings by Zone

ZoneArea% Chg
2Western Addition-72%
4Bayview (3 parts)+2%
All Zones-33%